Renter's Insurance w/section 8 voucher?

Hi, I live in Maryland. I have a section 8 housing choice voucher and although my lease doesn’t require it, recently I have had a strange “feeling” that I need to get renter’s insurance. It may have something to do with the fact that recently, my neighbor down the hall started a fire which set off the sprinklers. Because it was the top floor, every single apartment down to the lobby was flooded with what looked like a waterfall, and neither the fire starter or the apartments are responsible for paying for the destruction of almost everything in the apartments below. Thankfully, I also live on the top floor and far enough down the hall that my stuff is okay, but this isn’t the first fire, just the first involving the sprinklers, and I’m worried about what we’d do if God forbid something else happens and we aren’t as lucky. My only income is SSDI and SSI and after rent and electricity I don’t have much left over. I was wondering if anyone knew of any companies that offer a discount for people who have a housing voucher? Or at least an inexpensive one? I don’t need much coverage, my apartment is 1 bedroom and I bathroom.

I was also wondering if anyone knew of an inexpensive company that I could bundle renter’s insurance with pet insurance. Although, I admittedly know next to nothing about pet insurance. I have a cat, Milo, who turned 5 this past Tuesday. Luckily, he’s never needed to go to the vet, but I worry it’s only a matter of time and I definitely know I couldn’t afford it.

Thanks. I very much appreciate any advice.

See if Hippo has renters insurance; I switched my home insurance to them last year, and the prices were substantially lower than my previous insurance. And, renters insurance is well worth the money if you live in an apartment. I always carried it while living in apartments and was very affordable. I don’t know about now but rates should be reasonable and it will give you peace of mind.

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I recently paid 12$ month for renters insurance with State Farm. I do not know of any that offer discounts for Section 8.