What is the Best Homeowners Insurance?

Searching for a homeowners insurance can be boring, but it’s necessary. What are the best homeowners insurance companies in your opinion? What are some tips and tricks to get a good deal on homeowners insurance?

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I find researching homeowner’s insurance a terrible chore. There are so many inclusions that can be added and I never understand how some of those work. In Florida we now have a separate hurricane deductible, separate sink hole coverage, and tons of riders. FEMA comes out with new flood maps about every 2-3 years in FL and they are constantly changing and some are ridiculous because of the way FEMA lumps all properties into one zone.

I finally bought one of the “Dummies” books for insurance, and it helped me understand more, but it becomes obsolete in a year or two because of all the changes.

We do try to stay with an A rated company, but we’ve also learned that your policy can be farmed out to a sub-insurer and tho that may not change the rating, it’s a little un-nerving when you start receiving communication from a different company than you thought you were insured with!

Hope people leave some good tips and thoughts in this post, I’d love to learn more!


So do i rite now we pay $50 a month on insurance but i
think thats just for the outside of the house. I was told
i would need my own insurance for inside the house.

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@bonnie.squires That’s an interesting concept! Are you in a condominium? Or do you rent your place to live? That’s the only time I’ve known of something like you describe.

Condo exteriors are maintained by condo associations and usually there is a monthly maintenance fee which includes that along with maintenance of common areas. Or if you rent, the landlord usually has the building insured but you are responsible for contents.

I’d be interested in hearing more, there are so many people who cannot afford homeowner’s insurance and some is better than none!!


MINTJULEP I’m buying this home its small. the house is
700 square feet the yard is 300 square feet.

The owner got the outside insured and that was with 3 dogs.
Plus the tax on the place is $50 to.

We pay every thing and have to fix any thing that breaks to.

I’ll own this house in 10 years.


I’m using hippo insurance. They have really good rates. $500 bucks cheaper than my old company wanted to renew for.

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FRIARDAVE thank you

Hey everyone! I ended up shopping around a lot and eventually called a company. I got a really great deal at about $405/ year.

Foe anyone wanting to shop around to save some money, I recommend calling the company and speaking to someone personally. Ask them how you can lower your rate. Maybe there are discounts they can add to your plan!

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