Finding a realtor who works with Section 8


I know that it’s possible to use a Sect. 8 voucher for helping to purchase a home. I would like to get tips or information as to finding an agent who’s qualified to help me. Any additional insights would be so appreciated. I would be a first time buyer.

Thank you.


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I will PM you.

I would also like to know. My sister and I are both over 65. We could use the help.

I may be interested in program for a tiny house. HELP. Include me.

This was my PM to original poster.

I just went through this process 11 months ago! You do not need a special realtor. Where are you located? I ask because I also worked for a housing authority.

You should start out speaking to your contact at the housing authority. The home ownership program has some hoops to jump through, and they will let you know where to start.

I followed the process, took the classes, completed all the paperwork, etc etc etc. It took time (6-9 months), but is SO WORTH IT!

When it comes time to look for a house, you will work with a realtor that knows the price range of the home you are seeking. Its the bank that really deals with the voucher. They have to know how to count that income, and it can be tricky since banks don’t deal with it all that much.

Anyway, good luck on the journey- its exciting! Let me know if you have questions or if I can help.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know of any that help find apartments for rent? I have a section 8 housing choice voucher and live in Maryland