Finding a rebuttable Agent.

I’m disabled and have a service dog. Viewing homes with him has been terrible. Also, some Agents don’t want to work with me because of my limitations. No stairs, etc. I know I can sell my current home, I will be debt free in six months (July 20) and have a downpayment, even though I can go VA with zero down. My credit score is good and I’ve been pre-approved for a new mortgage. The only sticking point is finding an Agent willing to work with a disabled person with a service dog. Any ideas?

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“REPUTABLE” or trust worthy real estate agent.

I’m a retired real estate broker, there are many agents who will be happy to work with you and your service dog. You can check with your local Board of Real Estate (google it for your town or county in the state you live in) and ask them if they will provide you a list of their top listing and selling agents. Those are the agents who take their profession seriously and usually perform ethically and diligently.

You can also call up local real estate offices and ask to meet with the broker; explain to them the difficulty you are experiencing and ask to be paired with one of their experienced and best agents. I realize new agents have to start somewhere, but if you are having issues, that is not the agent you typically want for this real estate purchase. You can interview agents to see if you feel there might be a match. Be honest about what you expect from them.

Top agents also work successfully by referrals so ask people in your area for names of agents they have had experience with and would recommend.

Hi, in what area is it where you like to move. I can help you to either find the house or find the agent. You can contact me. I like dogs. And I look ke to go the extra mile to help.