Rental Evictions

Hey -

Has anyone had success with renting a new apartment/townhome with an eviction on their record ? I have otherwise had a spotless rental history until recently with unexpected job loss which lead into a whole heap of a mess ?

How did you handle? Cover letter with application? Please help!!!

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I work in housing and yes, people with evictions can find a decent rental, although its definitely more difficult. I would absolutely include an explanation up front as to why the eviction is there. You may have better luck with smaller properties than with large complexes that stick to a formula no matter what. Highlight all the other good things about you as a tenant- longstanding, on time payments (until the job loss of course), good tenant otherwise, stable job now, decent credit score (if its still ok), local references, etc etc etc. Talk with a person if you can as opposed to just submitting online. Make them see you as a person and not just an application.

I had to find a place to rent right after divorce and bankruptcy, and i was self-employed. Many places wouldn’t even talk with me, however one did. I offered 2 months of security deposit and they let me in.

Good luck!