Monthly Rental Payments

My rental payments have been paid on time every month for the past seven years. Can I in any way have that on my credit report? I’ve been working with Lexington Law getting my credit in order, but I have a judgment for eviction that was over seven years ago.

Any comments greatly appreciated

Rentbureau has advertised that you can report rent payments. I’m not sure if you can date back 7 years or at all using it. What are you trying to do by doing these things? That may help some us be able to give u a better response. Are you trying to increase your credit score or trying to rent somewhere else?

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In the state of Georgia, an eviction will only show on your record for 7 years. If it has been longer than 7 years and it’s still showing, then you need to let Lexington Law know so they (or you) can take steps to remove it.


I am trying to increase my credit score and also to show that I have made my payments on time as I am seeking out a new place to live.

I am also not getting my credit scores. I mean the numbers. And my FICO score. Any suggestions. I dont want to pay for it and I would like to see the numbers now.

I believe that the account was bought? by another collection agency. I sure hope that Lexington Law hasn’t tried to prolong my payments, as they are getting 129.95 a month.

Discover offers free FICO scores (don’t have to have a card) and Credit Karma offers free Vantage scores, as well as a credit report.