Eviction on credit report

While living with my ex, we were evicted out of our apartment. Short and gist of it is that we were charged with repairs to the property disposable items and non-payment. Now after going to court we won our countersuit stand we’re not evicted, but was still asked to leave and he’s charged with ridiculous fees. The deposit was still withheld from us, and everytime I look on my credit report the bees get higher and higher. I’ve tried to pay it off but I cannot get an accounting of any and all fees that they are charging. I’ve disputed it to no resolution. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You may want to contact you local legal aid organization. It sounds like you need some expert help with this, and it’s a landlord tenant issue so you need some help (ASAP). Google legal aid with your city to find the information. There will most likely be a qualification process of sorts, but I think this could help your situation immensely.


Yes, same advice as above. Contact Legal Aid and start there. The eviction was for, I assume, non-payment of rent. So you were allowed to move out and not have an eviction on your record. That does not erase any debt owed, but possible a payment plan could be made. You may have better luck working on legally eliminating the other fees depending on what they were. Call legal aid.

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Clarity is needed. Even with the eviction being overturned, were some of the fees overturned as well? If not, where did the fees go that they keep getting higher? If they are with a collection agency, you should be able to negotiate for pennies on the dollar.

(1) IF you’re eviction and such is on your credit report …Make sure you send in the a copy of the verdict showing you were not evicted to the Credit Bureaus and have them reverse that off… NOW, when you send in your letters to the CB’s…Make sure you keep a copy of each letter…a copy of the mail receipt showing date AND, most important send a copy of that same letter to yourself at the same time (Never open that letter - keep it sealed)… Take a PIC of you at the PO with a mail clerk and the four letters… Keeps all your copies and pictures (printed out) in a folder…Now, if this doesn’t work with your CB’s…You have proof that you have sent letters asking the eviction be removed…If not removed… GO to a lawyer and sue the credit bureaus for false reporting…YOU can earn BIG bucks on this lawsuit…BUT, you need to have all your proof…that you did it and that the courts said you were not evicted and that the eviction is still on your reports…

(2) Another thing is that there is a book called CREDIT SECRETS… IT will show you how to get rid of all that crap on your reports… AS for all the fees…that is a tenant and landlord issue…LAWYER and tenant aid …