Best way to get old delinquent marks off credit report


I was laid off in 2011 and had some late payments on credit cards. Because of this there are delinquent marks on my credit report. All cards were paid off in full but I had several late payments from 2011-2013.

What is the best way to get these removed from my credit report. Thank you


I know you can dispute things with the specific credit reporting bureau. It’s not tough to file a dispute, you just need to keep up with it. I would start from there. Get your free credit report from the three companies, and start filing.


It does take some time (and it may not seem like anything is happening behind the scenes) but the three credit bureaus always end up coming through. Start filing for corrections as soon as you can!


Has anyone used Experian to dispute these? I am wondering if I could call or write the letters myself and save the $90/mth fee. They will only give me my credit report every 90 days unless I want to pay an extra fee. I am wondering if they do that to make sure they get 3 months of payments. These days I am so weary of these on line companies. They seem to focus on draining your bank acct instead of truly being customer oriented.

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Susanne, I use credit Karma. It’s free to use. It allows you to see 2 major credit bureau’s scores and reports. You can long on to Credit Karma as much as you want it does not affect your score. The credit bureau’s will give you one free credit report per year. I use However this only provides your credit report not your score.


Thanks, Donna. I use Credit Karma too. The company I am referring to does the disputes with the credit cards for you. They are expensive and I am not really sure why it takes so long. Sorry I wasnt clear on that.

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I love Credit Karma, keeps me up to date

Not always do the 3 credit bureaus erase late payments from your credit report. And it will be at a cost to you. If you file a dispute of any kind it will effect your credit score. If you have these disputes reflecting while you are trying to buy a house for instance, it will bring your score down. DON’T file a dispute while trying to purchase a home. Give the credit bureaus at least 3 months to resolve their findings. A lot of the outcome of removing the late payments activity is up to the company that put them there. If they are feeling generous they may tell them to remove but if not they won’t

Most people don’t know about Innovis. They act like a credit bureau but are not. They obtain your info from the 3 credit bureaus that we are accustomed too, Experian, TransUnion, & Equifax.

I have found just letting it ride till it falls off is the best thing to do. Especially with late payments. If it’s a derogatory remark from a borrower you have had call them. Be nice. Sometimes they will alert the 3 credit bureaus & have it removed for you. No kind of dispute needed.