Credit wiped out by Equifax breach

Can any one help me or lead me in the right direction, PLEASE. After diligently working on my credit score for quite some time(I had it to the 620 range and was so proud), my score just simply vanished into thin air. No explanations, no admittance of error or faulty programming glitches, and certainly no willingness to resolve or correct the problem was offered(freely or upon request) by any of the 3 major scoring entities. Just by pre lick I stumbled recently upon the beach info regarding Equifax and the pending lawsuit. I don’t want money, I don’t wand monitoring, I WASNT MY CREDIT BACK. im trying to purchase a home send 58 south a non existing credit score strikes an out at every possible resource. Over the past several years over had rental history, utilities ect,act, and none show on my credit, like I don’t exist. How cam I get my score back. Shouldn’t they be accountable for re implementing it. Surely there’s got to be some form of past score recording or history on their end id think?!?I found the perfect house st the perfect price and im gonda lose it due to this if I can’t resolve the problem. Im open ears and mind. Thank you

Not sure what happened. But most rent and utilities dont get put on your credit report and won’t reflect in most credit score models. The equifax breach wouldn’t have made your score disappear. Try credit karma or another site to track your score.

Thank you. I’ve tried several including Lincoln Law. Nothing. I had several car purchases, two homes, furniture and the array of things someone in their 50s would have. I wouldn’t think so, however, they were breached and I was rendered a zero