Finding a new apartment during Covid....

How does someone with a low credit score find a new apartment during now during Covid?

Its very tough! My suggestion is to highlight your good points- steady work, on time rent payments, put down extra as a security deposit. I know, if you had all that then you might not have a low credit score, but there are not a lot of options. They have to like you for a tenant beyond your credit score. When I was looking for a place, going through divorce and bankruptcy and cancer and self-employed the last 10 years, I offered to put down 3 months deposit. I had to borrow that money from a friend, but the manager accepted it and I had a decent place!

Otherwise, you are looking at places that don’t check scores.

Is there a friend or a family member that is willing to take you in so you can save money for an apt? That would be a place to start, even if it is only for a few months, maybe up to 6 months. Maybe even splitting rent with a roommate with common interests might be enough to carry you through.

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Have you considered shared living? People looking for a roommate in a say a 4 to 5 bedroom home. They have those every where here in Memphis

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i wish you luck if you have a family member or friend that will rent you a room for about six months that would help

There may be some Landlords desperate for the money. There’s a Lot of people with little to no info right now. An aqaintance of mine just got a new apartment and she’s got two small kids, age 6 and 8. Have you tried places that Help people Find apartments for people? That’s what I did but I ended up finding one myself. Good Luck to you! I Hope you find something soon!?