Have you ever stayed in a $17500 a week luxury resort? This is how I did it for 2 days (This week)for only $267.

Gaylord National Resort
"This luxury resort and conference center is unique in several ways—it features an indoor rainforest, boutiques, and a spa. But guests won’t be able to find the hotel’s Presidential or Concept suites online—unless of course you’re a VIP.
“For travelers looking to stay in a room unlike any other in the world, we have developed eight suites that are themed by color,” said Rachel Dinbowkowitz, communications manager for the hotel. “In addition to the color, each room evokes a unique design style from exotic to elegant to contemporary and nature-inspiring.”

For a 1,700 square-foot Presidential suite, be prepared to spend a minimum of $2,500 per night to enjoy breathtaking views, ornate furnishings, and marble or hardwood-floor foyers."


My best friend & our kids are stayed in the most expensive room at this resort because our regular room had a leaky faucet, and the plumber left our door wide open, then LEFT (with his tools still in the bathroom floor) while we went to dinner ?. I was pissed (as it’s a safety concern)- but my best friend wanted me to let it go…(our belongings (purses & electronics) could have been stolen while we were out, or some fool could have snuck into our room to do us harm ) so I voiced my concern about the security lapse and shared that I did not feel safe under the circumstances, and requested a manager behind this mishap ( with the understanding that I didn’t want the engineer to get into trouble-but this was unacceptable).(Our original room was 267$ per night)

After 2 hours; The engineers couldn’t fix the leak & they moved us to the most exclusive & expensive room in the resort. I’m a retired litigator, so negotiated a second day in this suite to make up for the time lost with so many problems our first day at the price we had planned to pay for the basic room with the leak.

The suite is 1700sq ft, and STARTS AT 2500$ per night . It’s a holiday week , so the rental value was actually about a 1k more. There were 4 balconies, a full kitchen dishwasher, marble floors, a spa with 7 shower heads and a phone in each of the 2 bathrooms; a bidet, 4 TVs, and breathtaking VIEWS!

And that’s how I stayed in a $17500 per week suite (2 days) for only $267.

gaylord picGaylord exteriorAtrium viewviews2

GaylordGaylord bathroomShowerSpa TubSpaTVwall tvsplendid DeckViews

Gorgeous room. I would have been angry too about room being left open as that really is a safety issue. Hope the rest of your stay was wonderful and that you enjoyed your trip.


That is absolutely beautiful.

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Wow, so cool. Hope that one day I’ll also spend such an amazing time