Save Money on Travel

Almost everyone I know likes to travel, but few people do it much.

One of the primary reasons for this is the lack of finances.

But if done right and properly planned, there are ways to travel without spending a ton of money.

My wife and I have been able to go quite a few places although we don’t have a ton of money, we just have to plan well ahead of time.

So I figured it would be a good idea to start this thread for people to talk about ways they personally save money on travel and for others to see that it is totally possible.

Personally, one of the first ways I try to save money is in accommodations, which are usually one of the more expensive parts of a trip next to airfare.

AirBnB has become my best friend when it comes to accommodations.

When my wife and I went on our honeymoon to Cancun, instead of spending $200+ a night on the resorts, we we’re able to pay about $450 for a 10 night stay in a 3 bedroom, 3 bath house with a Jacuzzi and access to a pool in a very secure neighborhood.

This allowed us to spend extra money on activities that we wanted to do.

This is just one simple idea for saving money while traveling, what tips and tricks do you have to share?


Hopper (App) and Google Flights allow you to monitor the price of airfare for your destination and recommend when the ideal time is for you to purchase tickets.