Hello, to all

My name is Karen. I am 69 years old, retired, and deep in debt which I am trying to pay off so I can be debt free. Not getting any where fast. When I worked I had no problems now that I am retired it is a struggle to say the least.

Hello @karen.white nice to meet you!

I understand the struggle of trying to pay off debt! Just when things seem to be getting under control, something else seems to come up and set you back.

I just encourage you to not give up hope! It will take a lot of work and effort but it is possible.

If there are any specific areas you could use help with or need any tips or pointers please don’t hesitate to reach out here on the forum.

There are lots of friendly folks who are willing to be of help in any way possible!

I know what you mean by struggling with bills. I have Medicals bills, I am trying to pay off, I just keep on working online until. i have some money to send my creditors.