debt from a scam/fraud

Yes I am trying to get my finances back in order after a fraud/scam affected my financial life. I am struggling to pay credit cards/ phones from the fraud event. It has hurt my credit score very much…it was reported, I have been trying to fix for 9 months this nightmare. My question is there any way to get aloan with poor credit now to consolidate the balances? I have also been thinking of bankrupsy…any suggestions?

Contact each of your creditors and see if they will negotiate a lower payment from you. I did that recently and they were very open to helping as it beats having you file bankruptcy. One of my creditors gave me zero percent interest for the next five years and my payment is $79 per month, which is less than half of what I have been paying. They closed my card, but it was maxed out anyway. And, although it hurts your score because you closed your account, it doesn’t hurt it nearly as much as filing bankruptcy.


Excellent advice!


Thank you…will give it a try

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Hi I was also a victim of a scam/fraud. I am an educated, divorced and retired woman in my 60’s who worked hard to get to where I am today…retired and financially comfortable. If I had not been bullied into believing this person, this terrible experience could have been avoided. I am sharing my story in hopes of saving another innocent, hard working person from being victimized. I was planning on paying off my house and finally travel. The difference is that I have investments which I now must use in order to get out of debt. People work hard all their lives to end up like myself and others. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing. I am so sorry.

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If you did not participate in the fraud/scam ie., gave out your PIN, SSN, gave someone access to your computer or gave personal information over the phone then you can file either a Dispute or Fraud claim on your credit cards and debit card. Call the phone # on the back of each card and they will walk you through the process.

It is unfortunate that there are people out there who do this to other people.

@alewis gave some great advice to help make payments and avoid bankruptcy, I didn’t realize this could be done but it is definitely worth the shot.

@chris.c & @susan3 I am curious to know what types of scams these were and what is your advice on how people can avoid them?