How do I find an investment advisor who will really hear me?

I have met with a couple of potential advisors,but did not get a sense that they wanted what is in my best interest.Do all of them have a pre formed agenda to make money,too?

We moved from the big guys to a smaller local firm and are very happy with them. Feels like they really listen.

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We have an investment advisor who tailored a plan based on our ages and the amount of money we have to invest. He really listens and we are guaranteed 7% when we take it out, but we have been earning more. This man has a local radio show my husband listens to regularly and this guy really knows his job well, many years of experience (WCBM 680 AM radio, Gil Kuta is his name). We met him personally at a promotional dinner way back when. The company is Jackson National Life Insurance Company, which was absorbed by Aegis Capital Corp. Best to you. 1-800 CALL- GIL and he will get back to you.