Choosing a Financial Advisor and Investment Bank

Hello Penny Horder Community:

I am new as of yesterday and wanted to get info on how to choose a Financial Advisor, tax accountant and Investment Bank. We are about to inherit a large sum (high 6 figure) and need advice. I am 63 and my husband is 66. I work in Boston currently and am not sure when to retire. Any suggestions are welcome!

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That is not my area of expertise but let me say congratulations on the inheritance. It sounds life changing, and I hope it is a wonderful blessing to you.

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Hi Kelly! Thank you for the reply!

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I honestly see it’s a doggy world! I am looking for a coach I cannot believe nothing is less than 250 per hour? I can’t afford that! I am totally unsatisfied with my accountant for a long long time, haven’t been able to find another one! Some say you need this team.

I cant find a legit mortgage company my bank was my go to years ago & now they are lower than low capital one I was with Chevy chase.

No cash ? just property I wanna change that!