Inheritance investment ideas

Hello, all. I’ve recently inherited some money in access of 60k. While would treat this as a lottery winning. After some charitable moves and considerations I would like to grow the funds over the next 15 to 25 years. Anyone have any insights or experiences to share? Any info is welcomed good, bad, or ugly. Thanks in advance.


Consult an actual financial guru. You are probably in uncharted territory for most of the people here, me included I believe Dave Ramsey has some reputable ones on his site.

yes I concur, this is for a professional. Invest so your money will grow exponentially!

congratulations and good luck!

Hi, first of all, congratulations on your inheritance. Also, congratulations on taking a big breath in and relaxing before you make a move. I am a retirement specialist for the past 8 years. My company serves the school districts as retirement educators and we are the number one provider. We educate teachers and staff on their state retirement system, 403b’s, and other programs that affect their retirement. We also offer life insurance and other savings programs to the general community and businesses.

We have products that offer no risk, no loss, and no fees. They all come with living benefits and bonuses. Before you place your monies anywhere, I would suggest we talk further if you have not made a decision at the time of this post.