How do you choose what to invest in?

There are lots of options out there, what do you find the most secure to invest your hard earned money in?

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To start investing, it’s always best to start dollar-cost averaging into a S& P Total Market Index, or S&P 500 index?


The s&p isnt making any money

If u had 125.000 to invest what would b the safest way to invest without losing any money?

I’ve got money invested into Fidelity now but I took it out of the stock mkt & put it on a holding pattern because the market wasn’t doing so well. So anyway it’s just sitting there making no interest.

I recommend starting with this article:…/?aff_sub2=investing. It has some good information and links to other articles that go more in depth. How you invest will depend greatly on how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with taking risks.

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Forget It.

I d k that is why I’m asking you? What can I invest in where can earn about 8% interest on the money I’ve got in Fidelity.

I’d like to join in here and say this - never rely on random people to make money. Yes, there are success stories. Does that mean it’s a guarantee? Absolutely not. There is no gimmick to guarantee an 8% APY investment.

If you want to invest and you don’t want to keep an eye on it, I suggest CocaCola ($KO). Why do I suggest CocaCola? Well, they offer a really nice dividend with a yield of 3.15% at the moment. However, please understand this is dependent on the current price of the stock price. If you aren’t familiar with dividend investing, I suggest looking into it more in-depth. If you’re curious about how effective this method is, look into DRIP (dividend reinvestment program). Also, dividend investing is considered “boomer investing” by some. It’s not nearly as risky as options, but I would not touch those unless you have a year or two of involvement with the market.

Here’s the history of CocaCola’s dividend payouts.…/ko/dividend-history

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