I want to make the right choices with my money and there's lot's of scams out there !

I like mark laskey"s way of helping us understand about crypto coins and investing. for me giving my social security # was and still is a difficult part of the process. I got scammed at one point in my life, so my guard has been up. but I’ve learned for it and now I’m seeing how security is set up with all the crypto apps and it seems to pretty safe. another thing that amazes me is all the younger guys that are involved in this crypto coin investing! I feel like they got the jump on me. why did wait so long to get involved, does anyone feel like that too?

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I know absolutely nothing about crypto coins! But I see a lot of talk about it. Thank you for the info- I will look up the guy you liked and get more information.

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Too many scams for my money:


Do you want to play with individual coins or would a crypto ETF satisfy your desire to invest in that space?

  1. Financial professionals have either a license or a certification. Find out what it is and check out their profile.

  2. There should be a relationship before there is a transaction because they will be with you for the long haul. Get referrals from people you know, and make sure those people are doing well. Don’t take advice from a broke or indebted person.

  3. Most importantly, do your homework. The best consumer is an educated one!!

Good Luck??

Here’s the thing with crypto, it was initially a way to get out of the inflated, not tied to anything of value paper US dollar. Now, with the dying dollar, the FED has no choice than to surrender the reigns of the reserve currency, with 30% of ALL MONEY TO HAVE EVER BEEN CREATED, people should be looking to put their hard earned time and Labor into something than will hold its value at the very least, but maybe even give them some nice, extra value in interest. More and more places are excepting some of these tokens as an actual means of exchange. Meaning you don’t have to use the dollar. It really is sad they never taught true economics in Gov. Public education. I’m not a professional, I am in debt, EVERYONE is, including the government. This is truly how we go back to the days of old, before the Fed took our gold, gave us paper, and started printing more then they actually had gold to cover. Sounds like it should be illegal to me. Right now, there are a lot of shady crypto coins out there, it’s like the wild wild welst Homework is key. No questions are stupid. You’re still early to the scene. Start small, but dang it, start. Be your own bank. Earn interest. We can actually end the Fed.

My best advice is to watch Graham Stephan and Andrei Jikh on youtube. They both discuss investing and crypto. The best way to invest is Roth IRA’s, S&P 500 and Index Funds. The other best way is to not put your money in one basket but to diversify. As far as Crypto is concerned, you can purchase it from the various crypto apps as well as non crypto apps, but to keep it safe you need to put it into a personal wallet (because the crypto apps aren’t insured, maybe some are. Do your research.). I’ve heard of people loosing the passcode to their wallet and not being able to access their crypto, so be careful there. Yes, I am disappointed that I wasn’t interested in investing when I was younger and as an older adult do feel I missed the boat there and do feel like everyone else is ahead of the game.