Bitcoin? | I want to make the right choices with my money and there's lot's of scams out there !

seems like everyone likes bitcoin and I’ve heard you have to take risks in life.

I am by no means the know all about crypto, however…In 3 months I have doubled my money. (disclaimer, my nephew pushed me into getting out of the “old school” way of thinking about money and transactions) There is one coin on Coinbase, Stellar lumens, XLM, after you purchase the coin they have 5 short videos you can watch and they’ll give you 3 coins each, just for watching each video. It actually explains the “system” of the block chain in easy to understand terms. (for us newbies) Plus after watching, you’re educated and ahead of the game ever so slightly.

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I agree with mark, so many of us have that old school way of squeezing are
funds and not taking any chances! Missing that golden opportunity to get
ahead of the game. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone just like mark did.

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nice thanks for sharing, i also am old school but learning from this great community

What I like about Crypto is the global appeal. The block chain is interesting technology that really has far reaching appeal for all things currency based. My parents generation was strictly…“We don’t talk about money, religion and politics…” So now my nephews have pushed past that and this is all we talk about! Those 3 things are constantly in the news so why wouldn’t you talk about them? Learn about crypto, invest a $100 to start, then go from there. Once you start it’s like pulling the one armed bandit, the only difference is I like the crypto odds better!

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crypto will be future and block chain technology is going to adapt in type of transcation for authenticity.Technology where blocks and it is chained,when you have a secret you tell your friend but block chain technology tell all your friends now it become authenticated now no one can change it even you think also this is the simple defination of block chain.we only know bit coin but after that now we have many coins so buy a coin with less value and watch you can see the growth.

Im completely out on crypto. I sleep better with my money in safer investments. Treasury bonds long term. Read about Robert Kessler interview on Wealthtrack. There’s a correction coming in the market. In his view. Cash is better. Just my opinion. If you feel better with bitcoin go for it. But not me.

The US Reserve is considering its own cryto currency and going digital. I am in now, very little, but learning as I go so I can understand this space better as we get closer to using it in some form. I own Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Crypto has its upsides and downsides, as with any investments.

Some crypto coins are more “stable” (BTC, ETH) and some are less “stable”, like SOL, ADA, XRP, etc.

I personally think crypto will win long-term and probably will represent the wealth transfer of the century. That said, most coins will fail and go to 0% and crypto is extremely risky compared to, say, S&P 500.

While you can gain massive upside with crypto, please also bear in mind that you can also lose a massive amount of hard-earned money in a very short amount of time as well. It’s the wild west out there so my recommendation is don’t put more than what you can afford to lose in the crypto asset space.

I wrote an article yesterday talking about a few common coins and their general landscape. Feel free to take a look if you’d like.

But I feel it’s quite important to remind everyone that while everything looks rosy when things are going up, things can go bad very very fast. So please be safe out there.

Bitcoin is not a scam, but it is not a guarantee that you will make any money and you could lose it all. What I was told is to not invest more than you can lose in crypto. I only invest through a known provider like Robinhood, Coinbase, or Gemini. Any money I put into Bitcoin could be 100% lost at any time, so I put very little there. But what little I put there has made money so far. I also bought ethereum which has made me money. Then I bought dogecoin. The dogecoin appeared to make a lot of money, but it fell and I am back to just a little over what I put into it. With that said it is all money made on paper. I have not cashed out, so it can still all go to zero if I do not take it out or it becomes mainstream. I believe that crypto is our future. Even the US Federal Reserve is developing its own digital currency (crypto coin.)