I have been reading that cryptocurrency is here to stay and will cause hyperinflation and many billionaires are now changing how they invest.

These articles say get knowledge quickly and do the right thing. Bitcoins for example has taken off like a rocket in the stock market. Ian wondering if soon all paper and coin monies will disappear so I’m going to get some organized change sorters to organize my change into in case down the road their value goes way up so next I will search online that subject.

I am a member of a national group that uses “ “coin zoom” a recently created cryptocurrency.

Please comment to the community here on your thoughts about this new growing financial phenomenon. Thanks .

Ed Martin


Philippians 4:13


Just yesterday I read about the Chinese soon will release what they call, Digi-Yuan. It’s their version and the article stated the US has to worry about this because Digi Yuan may very well take the place of the US$ as the global currency. It’d be well worth your while to read up a big on DIGI YUAN.

I was almost getting ready to buy a fraction of Bitcoin but I am now kinda keeping an eye out because I am about two years from retirement and cannot put my money at high risk.

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