If you make less than $73,000 a year adjusted gross income (AGI) you can file taxes completely free with the IRS Free File program

Here’s the link to the IRS Free File Program https://www.irs.gov/filing/fre…deral-taxes-for-free

(EDIT) To answer some of the questions that have popped up about this:

Q: How do I actually use the program?

A: Here is a video walkthrough

Q: Does this cover federal and state taxes?

A: Some of the programs will file your state taxes for free as well, but the majority require you to pay

Q: What type of income is the $73k/year referring to?

A: The number is based off your adjusted gross income (AGI)

Q: Does the income limit change based on your filing status?

A: No, even if you’re married filing jointly, your income cannot be above $73k AGI combined. I don’t think that makes sense because you are two people, but that is the rule.

Q: Does this cover stocks and crypto?

A: Yes, all situations should be covered, just make sure to READ THE FINE PRINT.


Thanks for this info, we’ve utilized free filing in the past. However, it appears this year most of the free sites are catagorizing “free” as being a “simple” tax return and when I searched for the definition of “simple” it is a 1040 only and reads “A simple federal income tax return is one with almost no options.” Since we are considered newly retired and some of our income now is subject to capital gains, I think this prevents us from utiliziing free filing. Does anyone know if I’m wrong on this?


Exactly, @mintjulep. Your taxes have to be pretty straightforward to take advantage of the “free” filing. If you use additional schedules or other forms, this just won’t work.

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@mintjulep so long as you go through the IRS portal then returns that are not just “simple” returns (W-2 + standard deduction) will be covered

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