Know Your State Retirement Plan

I am a retirement specialist serving school districts in Florida. I want to encourage all school district and state employees to please be aware of your state’s retirement program basics. We speak to many of the teachers and staff and find that they are not aware that their pension is partial. They are unaware of the impact of beneficiary choices. DROP is not for everyone so before you sign up please reach out to me.

Unfortunately, many feel that variable 403b’s and retirement accounts are their only option. I would love to share another option with you. Currently, I only service Florida teachers, staff, and workers, so if there are any Florida teachers and/or staff on the line and you would like a detailed retirement analysis please reach out to me. Even if you have a non-state job, I may be able to help you. My main focus is on the education of working people so that they may make informed retirement account choices.

PS: We have software that is strictly dedicated to School employees. If you live outside of Florida, we have agents in just about every state.

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I don’t think this is appropriate for this forum. I understand you may be trying to help people with retirement planning, but your offer to have people reach out to you with questions doesn’t seem like it belongs here.

Thank you so much. I am new and I appreciate you for helping me learn boundaries!!?