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Despite not seeing an official notice from Intuit, I have seen a number of media outlets mention that the free Mint budgeting app will be going away before the end of the year. Apparently some of the functionality will be rolled into Credit Karma but not all of the budgeting features will. I’ve been a long time Mint user and I recommend it to others all the time. Is anyone else here using a free service similar to Mint that they’d recommend?

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Here’s some extra info I found, it sounds like most of the functionality I find useful in mint might get carried over.

" Will Credit Karma have the same budgeting functionality as Mint?

Credit Karma does not currently provide budgeting features the same way that Mint has in the past. We know that many Minters love our budgeting features, so we understand this may be disappointing. While Mint’s budgeting tools are not available, Credit Karma will allow you to view your current month’s spending broken down by category, your average spending in each category, and how much your current month’s spending differs from the same period in the previous month. Credit Karma also shows your transactions across all of your connected accounts, giving you a view of your spending at a glance." Source:

"Credit Karma is thrilled to invite all Minters to continue their financial journey on Credit Karma, where they will have access to Credit Karma’s suite of features, products, tools and services, including some of Mint’s most popular features. We know the most active Minters use Mint to monitor their cash flow and track their spending, and not only does Credit Karma offer these capabilities, but we’re able to take things even further for our members. " Source: Intuit Credit Karma welcomes all Minters! - MintLife Blog

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Uh uh, time to find another tool. Mint was getting ratchey…not storing your requests to save an item in a specific category. More and more, I was having to enter things manually then rename what I had already previously named. Plus, Support was an aggravation. I suspect that rollover to Credit Karma will be a hot mess.

I’d love to hear ideas, because YNAB is just too convoluted for me. I need something simpler :wink:

Thanks for the heads up, though.

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Mint only told you what you spent after the fact. YNAB isn’t free but it helps you plan out how to spend the money in your account in advance and pay off debt faster and stop living paycheck to paycheck. A total game changer for financial success!