So I have a $1 bill with serials 02270226

how much can I ask for it? I just started doing all this coin and dollar stuff and I was wondering if I can get some money out of this one.

You might try a coin collector on line, get multiple ones.

You could check out the appropriately named which lists a whole range of interesting patterns with fancy names like Double Quads and Super Repeaters, (click “Fancy Serial #s” on left sidebar). Unfortunately, I don’t think your number corresponds to any of them. They will do an appraisal, but for an up-front fee of $2 … which for a $1 bill makes it a bit of a crapshoot!

Also, as the saying goes, Google (or Duck Duck Go or whoever) is your friend here. Something like “dollar bills unusual numbers” gets a lot of hits.

Good luck!