ATM Cash withdrawal

Is there any advantage to customers if the ATM prints out the serial number of all the notes it dispensed as a certificate of proof of cash withdrawal?

Those ATM printouts are informational only. They don’t contain information that would allow another individual to make a withdrawal without your consent. During the ATM withdrawal process it will ask you if you want a receipt. If you’re concerned answer No.

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I am sorry my question was misunderstood. If the receipt contains the serial numbers of all the $ bills dispensed, will that be useful as proof of cash received, especially denomination is high ($100 bills), to prevent money laundering and help to file complaint with police in the event of theft?

Geez, I was way off base. Sorry about that. I’m guessing you’re not in the US. I am in the US. The receipts I’ve gotten do not contain serial number of bills. This is my opinion on the matter. Simply stated the information on a receipt is typically needed for proof of withdrawl against the account on the receipt for You. Your bank account report would coincide. Serial numbers of each bill on a receipt I think would be for your records. If the police wanted to trace a bill I would guess they would use the banks as the resource since they would hold the data. If your country holds a central database on serial numbers brought in and out it would be easy for them. If they don’t it would be a very tedious job to trace a bill. Looking for who got the $$ bill and when. I still say the receipt is for you for information only. Be Safe.


As far as I know, no bank in the world keeps tract of serial numbers of the currencies they load into their ATMs. Ripe for abuse, and the crooks know this.

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Ok, my question was, the usefulness of providing the customer with serial numbers, if they request for it. If an ATM company can provide, as part of their service, the serial numbers, will there be any demand from customers to get those serial numbers?

I personally don’t think that would be a good idea to have the serial nos. on the receipt from an ATM. At every bank I have ever used, the ATM only dispenses $20 bills, no other denominations. I only get the receipt so that I have proof of a withdrawal and the amount.

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