I photograph my receipts for cash

We all buy things and are given PROOF of purchase= receipt. I have the receipt hog app. It is different from the other receipt apps for receipt hog takes ANY kind of receipt. I make about $100 per year. ?


Yes! Receipt scanning apps are a great way to earn a little extra on the side.

I like to scan my receipts on all the apps to maximize my rewards.

Receipt Hog, Receipt Pal, CoinOut and Fetch Rewards are the ones I use.

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I’ve been using Fetch, Ibotta and Checkout51.

Checkout 51 is not compatible now with a new phone (Motorola) and I’ve gone back and forth with them a few times about that fact. They emailed me a patch to download and it did nada. I only have a few dollars “trapped” there but because of their required balance to claim, I’m basically losing that earned money. Their reply is that I am able to submit receipts I can scan on my desktop scanner, then they had the nerve to tell me if I didn’t keep my account active they were going to close it. Not thrilled with CKOUT51 at the moment.