You should try this free survey app!$$

The app is called Surveys on the Go and you can download it from the Google Play store. This app really does pay you to take surveys!! In the last few months I’ve made about $200 and the surveys are fun and easy to do. Their customer service team is always available if you have any questions. You can cash out at just $10!! So give it a try and I promise you won’t regret it. God bless you all and happy earnings!!


does it cost anything to claim the rewards as in subscriptions to magazines, books etc. Also when doing the surveys do they automatically sign you up with search companies that send you all kinds of advertisements for their products

Hi Dennis the surveys I participate in range from a seven day diary study where you record what you eat and drink for seven days, politics, and trying out products. The diary study pays $20 and the products surveys range from $10-25. If your still interested in the app after you sign up and confirm your email you can send a support ticket to customer service and they will assist you. Thanks for your reply to my post and happy earnings.

I think I have downloaded that app in the past but haven’t ever really used it much.

Might have to check it out again.

Thanks for sharing!

wow thanks for sharing

How should I make money online

@karen.boney, I need to hop on over there pronto. Thanks for sharing.

OK let me try that
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I try to download free survey app but they are so many but some are business ,productive and other so ,what does it look like

I down loaded this app and made $1.50 in a week, kinda disappointed. they just keep saying they cannot find any surveys for me, will keep you updated if things pick up.

some of them work that way, not worth signing on for

Hey everyone I wanted to let you guys know that the free survey app called Surveys On The Go is a green app with ‘OnGo’ on it. Thanks for responding to my post and when I find some more money making apps I will share them with you guys!$$ Take care and God bless y’all!