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It’s time to move off of the play this app for bingo or solitaire. You can cash out and never have to buy any chips. Listen cashing out is like three cents. You never win any amount over $.10. Why don’t we move over and talk about something that’s really worth our time than playing games

Well I used some of the survey and right now I am scanning receipts. To make extra money. I have been doing this for quite a few years. I have been making decent money (not getting Rich). But it puts about $30. Or more dollars a month for me. And I also make around $15.00 of more in Amazon gift cards. So I think it’s worth talking about.:butterfly::smirk_cat:


charlies07 i am also doing that program and earning well


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Those Bingo and Solitaire apps are misleading. They have high entry fees of $20-$50, some even higher, and the total pot is split with the top 3 winners, so NO you can’t win $80 a day! I tried many of them and they are all the same.
As for the surveys the only one I find good is Survey Junkie so far. Although, if your kids are grown you won’t get as many surveys. Also, I spend a lot of time getting 2-3 points a survey after entering the info already in my profile. After 2 hours I earned $5. In the last 3 weeks I’ve spent an average of 1-2 hours a day and made $31. I don’t see me ever making the $225 a month they write about.

Well this month I did good making extra money. The app Deviation, track your health app like Fitbit and you do survey and get in too discovery. I just made $10.00 off them. Then Ibotta I just made $20.00 of them and fetch is a nother receipt app I just made $5.00 of them, Amazon shopping panel is 10 receipt of any kind during the month you get a $10.00 Amazon gift card every month. I don’t remember what else I made money of this month. I hope someone else might try one of these sites.