Grocery receipts

Is anyone familiar with saving grocery receipts to earn points for gift cards ?

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I have just started doing this again. Since I do delivery with Instacart I am able to get extra receipts and earn even more points from them.

It doesn’t add up to much, but at the end of the day it does add up to a little bit of essentially “free” money.

I currently use:


Receipt Pal

and Fetch Rewards

I already have enough points to redeem a $3 Amazon gift card on Fetch Rewards after only a few days but I am holding on for a bigger reward.

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Have you also tried CoinOut?

I actually just signed up for CoinOut today because it was being promoted by my banking app. We will see how I like it.

I use both Fetch and CoinOut. Nice little extra every few months like ibotta. Al three are easy to use

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The only one I have used so far is ibotta but I have gotten a lot of cash back from using it for the past few years.

I’ve only tried Ibotta and Checkout51 so very interested in other apps that PH fans are using. I love Ibotta because I can link my grocery store card with the app and no longer have to upload receipts unless I’m shopping elsewhere.

I’m not real happy with Checkout51 at the moment. I bought a new Motorola mobile phone last winter and CO51 app is not compatible with the phone. I’ve been back and forth with CSR and they have come up with a patch, but the patch still does not work on my phone. Thankfully I had recently cashed out before the new phone so I only have around $3 there. They refuse to let me cash that small amount out, even tho I see the incompatibility issue as their problem. Their side of the story is that I can scan receipts and upload from my PC.

I use these apps conservatively for products I normally purchase or that also may be on sale or that I may have a coupon for, I don’t want to get sucked into buying stuff I don’t need…been there before, easy for me to fall for!

I’ve used Ibotta for years, and also use Checkout 51, Berry Cart, Receipt Hog, Fetch Rewards,, Saving Star, and CoinOut.

CoinOut gives you money for any receipt (not just groceries).

Shopkick gives you money for certain items but, also allows you to scan and get gift cards or PayPal without purchase

I have opted for the Coin Out free app and am happy to say I like it, you won’t get rich anytime soon! It is a little more jungle in my pocket today.Looking forward to an Amazon gift card.

In the past I have tried Ibotta, found it too restricting-very specific on items that qualify that did not fit our lifestyles. It is probably very good for those who purchase brand name items on a regular basis.

I think I’ll try out this Coin Out. I don’t like Ibotta; it’s too brand-specific as mentioned above.

Ibotta has many any items on their app now as to allow you to get the brand you like. The amounts for any item are not as large as the ones for specific name brand items but all extra money is good in my book.

Each receipts goes thru the following:

First - Ibotta

Second - Coin out

Third - Fetch

Fourth - Swagbucks

and last: if I got specific item for SavingStar or Checkout 51 then I will add to that app…

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