My comments / Posts are not being displayed

I recently joined ThePennyHoarder community and created my profile. I posted replies to a couple of posts. When I submitted my replies it worked fine but my posts were not visible. They are not even showing in the pending post section. What could be wrong?

Hey @user_510364695092629658 I just approved your comments. They were in the moderation queue.

I believe if you are posting comments, they may not show up in your “pending posts” section.

Topics generally should show up in your “pending” section.

It may take us a little bit but you can rest assured we will get your content approved. :)


Yes, @user_510364695092629658, your first five posts will be moderated before they are published in the community. Once you hit five, you’ll be able to post without approval needed. Happy to have you in the community!

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Alright. Thanks for clearing this up.

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