How To & New Member Guide

Welcome to The Penny Hoarder Community!

We want to make sure you feel right at home, so we put together a welcome and new member guide full of how-to’s for you, including how to post, reply, interact with other members and more!

A breakdown of community features on-site:

If you’re new to the Community or getting used to the new platform, we wanted to start with the core features to help you join in on the conversation as easily as possible.


This button presents you with the latest activity on the site, from the newest posts to posts with new comments. Use it to find out what your fellow community members are discussing at the moment!


This will show you new topics created in the last few days.


This button shows you the most active content currently on the site. It shows you recent activity, number of replies, total views. It can also be organized by day, week, month, quarter or year and all time.


This button allows you to view all categories on the site on one easy-to-navigate page, from Money Challenges to General Discussions, etc. It’s a great way to dive deeper into a topic you’re interested in learning more about.


How do I post?

On the homepage, select + New Topic button to get started. Add in the title and select a category and write your question or inquiry that the rest of the community can respond to. You must be logged in to do this.

How do I comment on a post?

Scroll to the bottom of the post you just read and select the reply icon and a box to write in your reply will appear. Once you’re done writing, hit the reply button. You must be logged in to do this.

:bulb: Tip: Take @discobot’s, tutorial for navigating the core features of the site.

How can I adjust my user preferences and notifications settings?

You have the ability to customize your profile in a variety of ways, including what categories to watch, track and even mute. You can also update what notifications you receive as well as the appearance of this site. Simply click your profile icon at the top right, next to your name, and find your preferences menu.

What are Trust Levels?

Our new community platform features a Trust Level system. This helps ease new users into the more advanced features of the site as well as helps avoid spam. Trust Levels range from Level 0 (new user) to Level 4 (leader). Read more about Trust Levels here.

What are badges and how do I earn them?

Our new platform allows community members to earn a number of badges for their achievements. Aside from being fun, badges help reinforce positive behavior and facilitates “learning by doing.” There are many that are automatically granted by the system (for example, “added a link” and “received a like”) as well as some special badges that can only be granted by an administrator.

We know you’ll have lots of exciting questions about how to best use this new community, so we’ve created a Site Feedback forum for you to ask questions and provide answers for other members that may not have been answered here. Have a question or have an answer to provide? You can view the Site Feedback forum here.

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