need to make extra money

Look to make some extra money had some hospital visits that i need to pay off anyone have any suggestions.

Hi Amanda- you & me both- looking to make extra $- I know people don’t want to clutter the market w/ tips so that they can make $ too, but I don’t mind sharing what I’ve done so far- (in the name of neighbors helping neighbors and putting positivity out into the world and all of that…) What’s worked really well in early at least an extra $125/wk as long as I answer every lead and follow through with it (you’d be surprised at the large # of calls/ texts you will receive) for me, and for many others in their local communities is: Offering tutoring services (on-line: through Skype/Facetime, or in-person) to local middle/high school students (& by studying up before the tutoring session by reading the lesson plan that comes before the chapter they’re on helps me “re-master” the exact subject, as does a quick entering of their Exact subject matter into good, ol’ Google.)

Note: You usually won’t get The Exact Way the school system wants the material taught with Google but you Will understand your own route to the answer, which helps immensely, then just teach the method from a recent/current worksheet that shows it, and if you can’t find it in the kids’ textbook before your session- or the cell phone photo’d copies pages of the chapter at hand (a MUST prior to tutoring,) don’t be afraid to ask the kids where it shows the method of teaching in the book on on worksheets, But be sure to ask during the time you Set Up the tutoring session, in-person, over Facetime, Skype or on the phone, but be Sure to ask for the copies of the lesson plan & chapter, including the teaching method Before the actual tutoring session, Not at the tutoring session.

(It’s a whole different world with the “how you got to that answer/conclusion” these days, much Unlike what was taught in general during my time, 10-15 years ago, but if you’re any younger, you may have that advantage of knowing the method “behind the teaching madness,” as I like to call it.

Come 100% prepared and with an upbeat, funny positive attitude- be yourself but keep the mood light & 99% academic with the exception of the occasional academic Joke, if you feel you’ve got the appropriate audience with the kids, be sure to “assign” loosely, maybe 2-3 twenty-minute study-sessions during the week, bring large candy-bars/ whatever you notice might entice the kids- arrange extra screen-time/Fortnite/Roblox/Minecraft/ whatever favorite videogame/phone time as rewards (ask the parents’ permission first, then find out the kids’ favorite,) and talk to the parents as much about their student, school, and any improvement, lack of improvement you’re noticing every week, the weather, the parents’ work/ daily life (in other words: be very personable.)

This is what when you’ll get the return requests from the same family for other subjects, possibly other needs, and parent recommendations to other parents, etc.

Now knowing that I didn’t take to Algebra or Geometry “like a duck to water,” or like any kind of bird to…it’s favorite habitat, for that matter (basically meaning: I failed Algebra II, had to take it Senior year & pass it- and Still have an on & off, yet weekly sometimes recurring dream that I am still in high school & filled with a Sense of Dread, worrying that I won’t pass Algebra II or get to graduate high school.)

In basic terms, I know that Even if I “study up” before hand, odds are I’m not going to give the best tutoring session in ANY of the high-school math subjects & it would be unfair to the student to try. However, I wrote for the school newspaper all 4 years of high school, got at least B’s in Honors English & have written both creatively and as a freelance, Community News Reporter since graduating.

So, it’s fair to say that for any subject involving the “realm of high school English/ Grammar/ or Writing,” I’m your girl to approach as a tutor & will advertise on free local online forums, other places around the high school campus where tutoring announcements are permitted, & possibly put up a sign or too with the ragged tag ? cell phone #'s hanging on the end.

Anyway, so that’s my suggestion for the week, good luck w/ it- the need for hourly tutors outside school hours are usually always in high demand & mentioning your credentials help- high school graduate, college student/graduate, experience in the Business world with Math, Excel, Word, list anything you’ve got. Certifications help too. Again, best of luck, fellow PennyHoarder & I hope this helps on your financial$ front like a bird to… water- I guess that’s as far as I can go with that analogy and it’s officially- over-used. ? Get your tutoring on & All the Best!