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How are you doing and how is the covid-19 lock down affecting you?

Welcome to you, Patricial Butler. The lockdown is just making things a little inconvenient but I have gotten better at planning shopping trips since I don’t want to go out very much. How is it affecting you?

How can earn and save money ?

@user_525851603506182747 @tammy.jones You can earn money in many, many ways. There is a saying “There is a million ways to make a million dollars.” and that saying is very much true.

For example, you can get either a full time or part time job. Yes, even in the current economic environment, there are still places hiring. Some are hiring remote workers (aka “virtual” and “work from home”) and some are hiring at their locations. Go search them out. Penny Hoarder has a job listing web page. That might be a good place to start. RatRaceRebellion.com and FlexJobs.com are two other reputable sites for finding job listings.

Publish a book and market it.

Hire yourself out as a personal assistant.

Find some products at a deep discount and then resell them on eBay and other sites like that.

Start a drop shipping business.

Freelance. Figure out what you are willing to do for others. Gauge how good you are at doing that. If you are horrible, take some courses or do something to improve your skills. Research the fair market value of the service you are offering. Create a profile on whatever freelance site you prefer (There are lots of them. Some examples are Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, and Fivver.com) and then submit proposals for the freelance work that interests you.

Blog and blog well so others will want to place ads on your blog or pay you to write on their blogs.

Become a sales rep for Vector Marketing. In my area, they pay a base pay of $15 per completed presentation or commission, whichever is higher. You will be an independent contractor, so training is not paid, there is no hourly wages, and there are no benefits. But the opportunity is real and the training is solid.

Become a sales rep for a reputable MLM company. Some examples are Mary Kay and Melalueca.

There are numerous other ways to generate income. Too many to list.

Seriously, just figure out what you would like to do and then do some research on how to monetize it. There are really a million ways to make a million dollars.

As far as saving money – figure out how much you need to survive. Bare bones expenses: Food, water, shelter, purchasing a week’s worth of clothing twice per year, 2 good suites once a year, a pair of dress shoes once a year and a pair of everyday comfortable shoes twice a year. Generate income that will cover all of that and then some. The excess you put into a savings program. That could be an interest bearing savings account, a mutual fund, bonds, a retirement account, or something else. Do some research and find out what suites you best. I recommend having at least 6 months of emergency fund saved up before looking into other forms of saving vehicles. But that is mainly because I got myself into great debt due to a lack of such an emergency fund.

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Wow, that is a lot of information! Everyone should just remember that any of the ideas mentioned require some effort. I was a Mary Kay consultant some years ago and in order to be successful you have to spend a lot of time cultivating customers and going to people’s houses to make sales. I quit because in the area in which I live there were too many other consultants. I never heard of that company Melalueca.

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Anything worth doing requires effort. If you want success in generating income, you have to put forth effort – period. There are no free rides, folks. None.