How do you make money during this pandemic??

It was so difficult for me during this pandemic and money wasn’t even coming through at the company where I work, salaries were restricted. Had to find a way to make money.

aThere are many different ways to make money outside a traditional job even during this pandemic.

I personally have been continuing to do Food/Grocery delivery for UberEats and Instacart and was really able to boost my income due to the increased demand for these services.

A second way I have been making money during this time is by selling things on eBay. Contrary to what people expected, a lot more people started spending money online during the pandemic and sales have been pretty consistent for me even more than expected.

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You could set up an on line store that carries frequently searched for items that can be drop shipped directly as soon as the transaction clears.

Mercari (an app similar to eBay) they only take a 10% commission. If you have a skill set that you can do remotely like writing, bookkeeping, web design, graphic design etc. there is fiverr. FYI they do take a 20% commission but the upside is there’s no membership fees when you register. As well you can set your own price for whatever service you offer (I’ve seen some charge upwards of $200.00 for gigs).

If you have a specialized skill set you can put it in book format and sell it on Kindle. Kindle is surprisingly easy as pie, if you have an existing amazon account you can register through that. Just put it in Word format, upload, edit as needed, you can even pick your own book cover or choose from their stock images. You have the option of e-format or paperback or both. The commissions vary as per where the book is sold (ie US, Europe, Asia etc.) but they do have a section in the FAQ that covers that.

Hope that helps.

PS I do not work for nor am I being compensated by fiverr, eBay, amazon or Mercari for endorsing any of the above lol.

Housecleaning is an option for seniors. Private home health always has openings, and the hours are flexible.


I am in the Delray beach area if anybody needs help cleaning their house or going to the store I am available for a small fee