new online business ideas This is a very helpful website for those of us that are thinking about starting an online business. If anyone has any other suggestions, recommendations or ideas, please let me know. Thanks.


Thank you for this suggestion. We could get all the resources we need. Starting a business sure is difficult. Tried it even during a pandemic. What worked for me was selling online goods since most food shops or restaurants are not allowed to operate. At best, try to research about famous restaurants’ suppliers of food if possible. I did for one restaurant and was able to sell lots of their frozen goods or “ready to cook”.

I also have a passive income by renting out my unused tools like my chainsaw where I just used once or twice for a home project. Am able to get extra money since there are people in my area that rent for these kinds of stuff. You can check if your own local rental shop or you can also check My Garage Rentals since it’s free to list and has no limits.

Best of luck to us!