What can I do to earn the money now?

What can I do to earn the money now



Have you checked out the previous replies in community? I have seen a lot of good suggestions.


I started selling clothes and accessories on Poshmark. It’s quick and easy!

How about baby sitting or dog walking? You can also put a note up at a senior complex saying you will get groceries or do other chores. Or clean houses or organize an apartment or fix things or wash cars. I have use taskrabbit.com myself. Some grocery stores allow you to carry peoples bags to the car for a tip. We won’t talk about windshield washers. You can bake goods or make dinners and sell them to neighbors.

You can also have a yard sale or sell things on Craigslist. For craigslist you just have to be careful that you meet at a grocery store for example and only take cash and don’t give out your address or personal details and don’t respond to crazy emails.

If you can sing or play music you can get a busking license and go to a busy place and get tips for your music. We will skip begging as an idea unless you are desperate. You can draw caricatures or pictures of people or take Polaroids that pop out instantly. You can set up a trip and invite your friends and get money for setting it up and go on the trip for free.

People have always been desperate for money. It is just new to some people now. If you talk to poorer people they also know how to survive with little cash.

You have never lived until you have been to a pantry party where the prizes are groceries. Not TVs or video games. Groceries. That’s how poor people get by.


Is there a reasonable part-time job?

In Detroit years ago, there used to have “rent parties,” where neighbors in neighboring flats would come together and pool funds to help pay someone’s rent. I wonder if that is still being done. BTW, Detroit is the only place I’ve lived where 2 or 4 attached units (houses really) are called “flats” like they do across the pond?.

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