Poverty, Retail, No Savings, Oh My!

Heeeey gorgeous people!

So, a little background:

I’m a young adult and come from a very unfortunate family situation in which I was not only not encouraged to save money, but I was also frequently asked for it (money) by my guardians. And/or told I should just marry someone to escape poverty.

Well, to heck with that! (No way, Jose’)

So, I’m now living in a MUCH better emotional situation, but…I’m also more broke than I’ve ever been, with no savings, working a full time retail job that pays about 600-700 every two weeks-

Doesn’t sound TOO bad, right?

Well, hang on to your pants, because I have a $345 car bill.
A $106 car insurance bill (WOOT! I managed to make it a little cheaper!)
And my half of the rent is ($280) which I realize is extreeemely cheap compared to other places. Our total rent is somewhere in the 480 dollar range.

(I apologize. I realize it isn’t polite to be so…errr…open with earnings and spendings like this. But I’m tryin’ to help give you an idea, so you can more easily give me advice)

Since, electric and water is extremely low, my roomie is comfortable taking care of that, while I purchase our household amenities and groceries. (I’m gonna say aroung $60 give or take)

I realize that one day, roomie may want to move to be closer to her ill mother, which makes sense, and I want to be more financially stable once that happens, maybe even be able to afford a place without a roomie.

What are some side gigs you might suggest? I work about 40 hours at my retail job, so I still have available time, in between!



i would recommend picking something you absolutely love doing. Start at the top (ie I love ice skating) and work backwards to the various positions that surrounds it - writing about it, customizing skates, working the phone for a sports shop, buying skates online and reselling them)

i have always had a second job until I got older and I tell you ending up coming from a store at twelve at night and getting stuck in an hour traffic jam for an accident does not make you a happy camper to go to your day job.

Post what you really like to do the best and we will give you suggestions



This is great advice for Tabby Mason! Plus, just keep reading this site because they always have advice for side gigs and such. Any bills that can be negotiated to a better price is a good place to start (which you already did with insurance). Is that $345 car bill for installment payments on a new car? Or is that a one-time repair?

Good luck!


Kudos on trying to getting your finances in order. That’s what we are all here for, @tabby.mason! As for side gigs – what are you passions? What are your interests? What do people come to you for advice for? Is it something you can offer to someone else as a paid service? Sometimes that can help point you in the direction of how to generate additional income.

Here are a couuple more resources that may help –

The Penny Hoarder’s Work-from-Home Job Portal

https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/make-money/side-gigs/ ← There are a number of articles here on different side hustles people have taken on. This may help spark an idea on what you could take on to generate more income.


You have a full time job where you make $600-700 per month? Minimum wage in your state is $8.55 per hour, which is roughly $1368 for a 4 week period. After taxes and deductions, I can’t imagine you are making less than $900 take home.

I would try to use any skills that you have to get a higher paying job. I realize this is not a great time to do this, but you are not going to want to do this your entire life.

As for a side gig, the food delivery services (postmates, grubhub, doordash, etc) are booming big time. You have a car and insurance, you can make your own schedule and can work as many or few hours as you want. I would check them out.

Good luck.

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