pay bills on time

we have been married 42 years and are retired. we leaned early to pay our bills in full when they came due. also, be bold. call the utility or phone co. insurance, etc.and tell them your due date does not work out. 100% of the time they gave me a date that fit our budget. Early we lived on my income only. when my husband, in school, could work, that went in savings. when he graduated and worked full time, we started our family, and i worked part time. my income went to savings. savings paid car & home insurance and car repairs. I learned to buy stocks directly from the co. this scared my husband like crazy . all dividends were reinvested. now we are retired and our dividends are more than our social security checks each month! hang in there. we are all poor when we start out, but keep up the budgeting, work odd jobs, extra shifts, or stop buying clothes for a year, yes we all 5 did that more than once, you will become solvent. you will buy a home and it will get paid off. Shelia Wright

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Thank you for the encouragement! It is so important to stay on top of things…

Great point here! Sometimes we don’t realize that making an edit in our finances could be done by doing something as simple as making a phone call! Companies want to be paid. ;)Many a times, they are willing to work with you when it comes to due dates.

Glad you and your partner have seen results by staying persistent. Kudos on your success in your financial journey!