Pay off high Debt

Hello, I need some advice actually. I just want to get rid of debt and I don’t have a good credit score, so loans are out of the question. I have looked at refinancing our house (in which) I discussed options with them and we could actually pay out mortgage off 1 year early if we did take money out to pay off debt. We owe 7 years on our house, we take a re-fi (get rid of the high interest) and paying on the mortgage 600 + our payment we could actually pay it off in 6 years. I thought that sounded good. I checked into a equity loan and that was higher in interest loans. What should you do if you have High Debt - confused here. Somebody also said to take the money out and call creditors and get a lower pay off, pay off cards and put the rest back on the mortgage. HELP. Thank you. Any suggestions?