Poll: Do You Wait for a Specific Time of Year to Buy Things?

I think we can all agree that we like saving money, especially on bigger purchases. With that in mind, certain times of year are better for purchasing specific things.

For example, January is a great month for scoring deep discounts on last year’s electronics and grabbing a great deal on a gym membership. And February is prime time to buy winter gear that is starting to be put on clearance to make room spring inventory.

Take the poll below and let us know what the best deals you’ve found waiting for higher ticket items to go on sale. :sunglasses:

  • Do You Wait for a Specific Time of Year to Buy Things?
  • Yes
  • No

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Maryland offers “no Tax Days” in August for school supplies This includes clothing and computers. Most are already on sale and saving the extra six percent is a bonus! I will hold off on some gifts, in hopes of sales or free shipping, when shopping for family. (I’m family, too!) I , also, wait to buy fruits and veggies are in peak season for freezing. Best taste and best price! Lawn care products . I buy end of season for next Spring. After holiday sales for gift sets (food, beauty) for my own use or as Valentine and Birthday gifts. As my Daddy says “Poor people have poor ways”! Cars and motorcycles can have a huge savings at the end of the season (Think Halloween). Have a good one!


thats so nice that they do a no tax Day

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I try to buy big ticket items when I know the likely months for sales. We need a new mattress so I’ve been doing my homework (gosh what a chore…so many kinds now!!) so I’ll be ready for the Feb sales.

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@mintjulep I think that’s smart! A few years back, we went with one of those mattresses that are shipped to you in box – it was way, way cheaper than one from a department store and has been quite comfortable.

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will i thought about doing that. But was worried it was not comfortable thank you for sharing

Just before holidays it’s on sale hams, and turkeys to cook and freeze. During the growing season it’s fruits to freeze or make jam with. After Christmas I hit sales on Christmas themed items to use as gifts for the following year (speciality soaps, ornaments, etc.) During yard sale season it’s books, clothes and toys for the grands.