Pre-Black Friday Sales

Hi, just wondering what you think of the Pre-Black Friday Sales? I haven’t taken the time to really look into the Pre-Black Friday sales. That is why I am asking is it worth it and the time? Do you think you save more during the sales then other times of the year?

Hi Shirley!

As a lover of Black Friday shopping, the pre-black Friday sales are always of interest to me as well. While, I kind of don’t like that they do them because I think it takes away from the rush (and fun) of going out on black Friday, I can say we’ve found some pretty good deals already this season. My husband just bought a new laptop at Best Buy for $500.00 off the original price! We are eager to see the tag on the 29th! So, I guess depending on what you’re in the market for, if it’s a larger purchase, it may be worth the time to look at the deals now.

Best of luck and Happy Holidays!


Are you kidding? I’m deleting pre-sale emails as they come in. They are so very tempting, but with debt already, I’d be nuts to do any Black Friday shopping at all. I was actually trying a No Spend (except necessities) this month. Of course, what I don’t spend this month will be spent next month getting ready for Christmas shopping:D

Hi - At this point I think that the pre-Black Friday sales are so common everywhere you look that they have pretty much eliminated huge deals unless you’re looking for something very specific that you’ve done research on. It seems that every day is a pre-Black Friday sale and it’s gotten to be a very ho-hum.

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I actually work in retail, and my store does some big deals pre-black Friday. Some of them are worth it and some aren’t depending on the item and the store’s policies. What I think the real danger is, is that I often see people come in, get caught up in the sales, and accidentally spent too much because the “deals were too good!”. Even some of my regulars who are really good budgeters and put things back if they don’t have the money, get caught up in the perceived sales and overspend.

So I think the sales can be good, but I wouldn’t call them worth it. There are always tons of sales, coupons, discounts, and even ways to earn free gift cards you can find right here on Penny Hoarder!

Have a good day!!

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