Are you planning to shop on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is next week, as I’m sure you’re all well aware from all the ads we’re being bombarded with. Are you planning on shopping this year? Or are you staying away?

I’m normally not a fan of big sale holidays, like Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m sure there are good deals out there, but I don’t want to load up on a bunch of stuff I don’t need just because it’s supposedly a deal. This year, though, I’m kinda on the fence because I really need a new personal laptop, but I’ll probably just ignore Prime Day and buy a refurbished Macbook that’s under warranty from the Apple store.

Are there any deals that you’re excited about this Prime Day? Or are you just ignoring it altogether? I’ll admit that I’m a bit scared to look at the deals because I’m afraid of the temptation. I really don’t need to be spending extra money right now!

P.S. Here’s a helpful post from my colleague @rachel.christian about navigating Prime Day deals.

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Nope, I have avoided prime membership since the beginning except for one time when they were giving out a free month of prime so I could check out the Amazon exclusive television programming. I’ve never really seen any jaw dropping deals on prime day. I’m with you, if there’s something I need that I would be buying anyway, I might wait out for a black Friday sale or something like that to get it cheaper.

:slight_smile: ope. I’m not doing any Prime day shopping either. We bought a TV and a smartphone a few weeks ago that’s it for us for awhile.:slight_smile:

no i never do this and i have no interest in doing it now

No. But we are looking to purchase a couple more Amazon smart plugs so I’ve been watching the pricing. Today for Amazon Prime Days, a red banner near the price shouts, “Prime Deal Today” for $12.99. It’s been $12.99 for several weeks.

I think I’ve purchased one item in the years Amazon has promoted this “sale” and it was just because I needed it at that time.

I am, but only for things I had to buy anyway. I kept them in my basket till today and waited to see if any were being discounted. the big item I needed was a dehumidifier, and Prime day did help.