Amazon Prime is it worth it or not?

I had prime a couple years ago and it was about $75
It is now over $100 . Trail for 1 week is $1.99 than $12.99
a month after that.

I know you get free 2 day shipping and video’s but not sure
what else comes with it.

Do you have Prime and what is the pro’s and con’s of it?


I have Prime and have had it for the past several years. On the one hand, I really haven’t put detailed thought to see if it is actually worth it for me. On the other hand, I would say from a practical point of view, it is!

I also am able to share my account with my mom as it allows you to have a family member on the account. So we split the cost and make it only $50 a year which is not all that bad.

My mom I know uses it for the video more but since they were not able to get streaming when they lived overseas, (because those countries pirate movies) by being under my account they were able to get access.

The two day shipping has been a life saver for me. Also, the one day discounted shipping has come in useful from time to time.

One notable time it came in handy was when I proposed to my wife. I went to Illinois to ask her parents permission to marry her and I wasn’t sure the exact date I would be proposing or if they would tell me to wait.

They gave their blessing so I had to scramble to make preparations for it.

I ended up proposing in a gazebo at a park in MO where we were visiting my parents.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, I was able to get supplies such as lights, candles and rose petals within a day of ordering them and just in time for the planned proposal.

From time to time I also have friends who want to get something quick but don’t have Prime. They have asked me to order it for them and given me a couple bucks for my trouble.

So all in all, I would say it has been worth it for me!


@moore.income I like that these still men who ask the parents
if its ok to marry the child. You don’t see that in this world much.
That is great you split the bill with your mom and she can watch

Thank you for your input.


Haha yeah, my wife is from the Philippines (she moved to the States in her early teens) so it is a completely different culture.

When we first started our relationship, her mom’s requirement was that I “profess my love for her” in front of her whole church! disapp

It was strange for me… but I did it as her mother wished and now we are married! :)


@moore.income that is great to hear. Congrats on your marriage.
I hope you have many years of a happy marriage


I recently renewed my Prime Membership, at the $12.99/mo rate. Once I can afford to do so, I will get the Annual membership at $120, so save some money in the long run.

Prime is one of the great bargains out there. Aside from the fast shipping, I like having access to special promotions, and all the media content, and discounts at WholeFoodMarkets, etc.

The only downside is that there is no minimum order for shipping, so I spend more than when I don’t have Prime. Without Prime, I used to fill my basket then let it sit for weeks until I got to the minimum for free shipping, editing and re-editing my order many times before I pulled the trigger. Now, I can order a $5 item and have it in 2 days.

Yes, go ahead and sign up … get the Annual plan if you can swing it. At least try it for a month and see if it works for you. It works for me.


@david.p.miller thank you so much. I took the free week trial
for now.


I have had Amazon Prime for a couple of years now. I love it and feel it is completely worth the money! I share the advantages with my parents and boyfriend as well, so four people including myself all use one account.


  • Free Shipping on prime-eligible items
  • Tons of movies on the video streaming service to watch for free
  • Can read and download a massive amount of Kindle books for no charge
  • Listen to a lot of music at no cost

I honestly have not had any problems or bad experiences to provide a cons section. Amazon Prime has been a 100% win for me.


@melinda.longtin thank you very much.


I do not have Amazon Prime. I find that many items I have ordered from Amazon seem to come the next day even though it will tell me 5-7days. They only time I have had to wait is if the item is from 3rd party vendor.


@nicole that’s interesting because i’ve order with out prime
and not from a 3rd party and it seems to take longer for me.

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I have prime but mainly for Prime Video. We cut the cord a couple years ago and I like a lot of the stuff available on Prime. The $12.99 per month isn’t that bad compared to other streaming services plus we also get the shipping perks and other stuff as a bonus.

I was a Prime hold-out then began using a family members account and was convinced of its usefulness. I got my own account not long ago and have noticed a steady decline in the items that can be shipped using Prime. I did quick research and found it was NOT COVID related. Very disappointed, anticipate further decline in service, and very likely to d/c service if that occurs.

I’ve been a Prime member for a while and recently shocked myself when I saw in my account I’d been a member since 2008! I had been shopping with Amazon since 1995 when all they sold were books. Back then, they gave you a book-themed thermo-mug with your first purchase. Of course, I sold it for a good little amount on eBay last year. Anyways, I use it so much now for regular purchases, TV channels (especially foreign shows), music, and Kindle that they’ve got me good and thoroughly hooked?.