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Is video-streaming service like Hulu & Netflix is worth your cash in US. I support Netflix for the content that available in different genres. But Hulu gives a cheaper subscription to nation.

How you think of this…


Its worth it to me. My kids watch Netflix daily.

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I personally cut the cord and only use Youtube TV and Hulu vs traditional cable. I am very curious to hear everyone’s opinions on Disney+.


Well Disney+ is good option. I try the Showbox, a screenshot option you put exactly where you left off.

We use a Roku player and pay Spectrum $20 a month for some basic channels. In addition, we subscribe to Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. So we probably spend about $50 a month on cable services. It’s much better than it could be! And I get to watch the Golden Girls on Hallmark, plus all the cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark holiday movies.


As a Verizon member, I have a year free of Disney +, but haven’t had time to check it out yet. I’m a fan of the Marvel movies, so I’m excited!

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My wife and I stopped our subscription to Netflix a while back simply because we didn’t watch it enough.

But even with the recent price increase, I think it is still worth it for the amount of content you get access to.

With the recent introduction of Disney+, I might have to subscribe simply because my wife loves watching some of the shows from her childhood :)

Hey, You’re supposed to be encouraging us to give up all that extra cost stuff, but I think you just talked me into keeping my Netflix AND ordering Disney +!!

Just kidding! I’ll cut back on Christmas shopping, increase charitable giving a little, keep Netflix and NOT order Disney+ (until I give up Netflix).

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