Prime Day

I have never shopped on Amazon Prime day, but I am seeing many posts in other groups on it. Do you guys shop then? Is it worth it?

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No, I have never shopped on Amazon Prime Day.

I am told that it does not benefit you unless you are a prime member. They have some great deals for people who are prime members. They penalize you if you are not a member by selling you items that are very expensive. You really have to dig for a bargain.

Prime Day is no longer great, and some prices are marked higher. In December 2018, I got a 55 inch TV for $240 tax included. Now the deals are higher every year. In 2020, I spent about $100. I do use Amazon Prime because there are things I like. There are some good deals. My husband is a trucker, so it pays to shop for things he needs on Amazon. Krazy Coupon lady gives highlights of the best deals. I got a king duvet set for $21.99 in May. Verizon gives a $3 reward every month, so I can get lotion for 21 cents for an 18 ounce bottle.

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I have never shopped on Prime Day. I would if there was something particular I needed or wanted but I would do what I always do and comparison shop.

If you shop on Amazon more than 2 or 3 times a year, it’s WELL WORTH paying either monthly 14 bucks and change after tax or they do an annual deal that’s like $100. The thing with Prime Day, it’s kinda like black Friday, but you can get those same prices more often than not if you look for a that same item from a cheaper seller. Shopping on Amazon is only really worth it at all, IMO, if you have Prime, other than that I’d rather shop more local, small time sellers. Oh, and if you are a tv streaming kind of person, (I find it’s better than Netflix) get the Fire stick 4k for 29.99 on the site. Has Tons of apps and you can side lode any Android ones.


Thank you all for the responses! I am a member, but really have always stayed away during prime day because I didn’t want to purchase things I don’t need. ?

Sounds like I’ll continue to do that.


I have never shopped on Prime Day, just not something that seems practical.

i did yesterday for the first time, but it made no difference to me, i’m not a prim member

I’ve never shopped Prime Day. I was really tempted because I have several hundred dollars in my Amazon gift card account, but decided to wait until I see something I really need. Trying to tame that impluse- buying monster !!?


No Prime Day shopping this year for me.