Previous Foreclosure on a Home Loan

Six and a half years ago, I had foreclosure on a home loan, since that time I have worked my way up to having a 797 FICO Score with no credit card debt although I do have a $26,000.00 personal loan. I would like to move to the San Antonio, Texas, area and buy a permanent home within 90 days. Are there mortgage loan companies that make home loans in my situation? If so, suggestions would be appreciated.

I don’t know about that (I’d just call and ask a lender) but that’s quite an improvement on your credit score and what I imagine was a lot of hard work. Congratulations! Also, I love San Antonio. Good luck on the move.

Thanks, we love San Antonio also.

If you can find a good realtor, maybe they can let you in on some good lenders. How about your current banking institution?

Thanks, since they are in the city where I am going, I will give them a try.