Protect your valuables

Has anyone gone around their home and either taken videos or pictures of your possessions? This would be valuable in case of a catastrophic, break-in…

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Not yet. That’s just one of the things I’ve been procrastinating on, though I do have a home inventory list that I think I got off off an insurance site.

I have, but it’s been awhile and this is a great time to update while hunkering in. Thanks for the post redcatcec!

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We have done that but need to update!

Something I have not done recently but would be well worth it, considering I have quite a bit of stuff purchased to resell.

And since I purchased renters insurance, I should be prepared for the worst especially with the things going on in the world these days.

At least each six months, I make a video of each room, all items. And another of the exterior. I load it to a thumb drive and keep it in a fireproof safe.