raise your credit score

I received correspondence that i could raise my total credit limit by adding a new credit card. Why would i need another credit card? I have high FICO score and doing quite well paying off credit card debts. i have cards that I dont use so i will not rack up debt again. I ask you why shoud i get another card. Thank you very very much to answering this burning question

You don’t need to get another card. If your FICO is good and you have all the credit that you need, and especially if you are tempted to rack up debt- don’t get one! You sound like you are all set just as you are.


Sounds like they are just trying to use clever marketing to get you to get another card. The truth is, you don’t need another card to raise your credit score. It can help in some cases when getting extra credit limit can increase your debt to income ratio, but it is much more profitable to pay off your credit cards to raise your score.

In the end, a credit score is just a number but being debt free is worth a lot more!