Raise credit score

I have had recommendations to get credit cards to help build my credit but each time I try to reply, per credit sesame recommended companies, I am denied due to my score. How do I correct this?

I have the same problem but nobody seems to have an answer for it.

First I will advise you stop trying because they add inquiries on your credit report and what’s your current credit score? I can assist you a little.

I don’t know what your score is, but I would first try to get a secured card, and work your way up from there.

Score the s 547. I have been trying to get a secured card. I have even tried with sites that say it will not affect my credit inquires, does. Between my husband and myself we make a good living and can afford to make monthly payments. I just want increase both of our scores but I cant.

You can be added as an authorized signer on another persons card (sibling, parent). You get “credit” for the payment history on that card, but (here’s the rub for the one letting you sign on) you aren’t financially responsible for the payments. It’s great for teens to start their credit history - putting them on a gas card or local store credit card. Gas stations used to have less stringent qualifications.

Otherwise, I would go to your local bank/ credit union and take out a small personal loan, then pay it back on time. I would also forget the credit sesame suggestions and go to a local store and get their card. Try someplace you already shop…Kohl’s gives you a discount on your first purchase when you apply for a card. Make the purchase on the card, then hand them the cash to make a payment right there at the register to avoid the monthly interest. Buying tires and a mattress I was offered credit card options and took them, paid the balance within the 6-12 months of free interest, then never used the cards again, but it gave me the credit history.

Your credit score is a mix of credit cards and loans, plus the length of time you have had the credit and whether you have been delinquent in making payments.

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As a previous person replied, getting added as an authorized user to someone’s existing card is probably your best initial bet. Aim for someone you know that is in great standing (ideally, high limit, low balance, and many years open) with this particular card. Remember, anything negative or positive they do will affect your score.

If someone is apprehensive about doing this, you can try suggesting to have you added, and then have them immediately shred the card for their added piece of mind. That way, you get the perks you want, and they don’t lose sleep over you jacking up their balance.

Some credit unions also offer ‘credit building’ loans where you pay a certain amount over a certain time (when I did it, it was $90/month for 1 year). It builds your credit, and at the end of the year, I got all the money back that I put in. So it was essentially like a one-time savings account that built my credit.

Best of luck!


Much like the suggestion to take a small loan thru a credit union, there is a site called self-lender which works the same way. It is very popular. You choose how much you want to pay each month, make the timely payment, they report to credit agencies and at the end of the contract you can take your money or do it again to continue to improve your score. You could look at it like a Xmas club account, but the payments are reported.

The only recommendation I can offer is to watch Dave Ramsey videos on YouTube about the subject of credit score. Like him, my credit score is indeterminate or zero. I quit borrowing money nearly 20 years ago, and was able to pay off the mortgage 19 years early!! As Dave says the credit score is an “I love debt score.” The higher it is, the more in love one is with his/her debt. And the banks just love that. That’s why they have the tallest buildings in town, and some nice furniture inside, too.

(1) STOP BORROWING MONEY. (2) Make a written budget (fine tune it for a couple of months) and stick to it. (3) Build an emergency fund of $500 to $1000 while making minimum payments on your debts. (4) Then list your debts smallest to largest and pay minimum payments on all but the smallest balance. (5) Pay that one off, close that account, and move to the next smallest balance and do the same thing. Repeat this until all debt (except maybe the mortgage if you have one) is GONE. (6) Then, go back to emergency fund and save 3 to 6 months of expenses in it. You’re gonna feel like you got a raise.

If income is the issue, get a job, get a second job, sell all the “stuff” that you don’t need. This is where all your energy needs to be, not on worrying about a silly credit score. This takes discipline and time, but I guarantee IT IS WORTH IT!!!

I sincerely hope this helps somebody today. If I can do it, so can you. You work too hard for your money to not have something to show for it.


My credit score is 501. I have been approved for a capital one secured card. I paid $99 and got a $200 credit line. I plan to pay off the balance every month. I also got a self loan, $25 a month and after 2 years i get the money, and they report to the credit bureaus. good luck.

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I’m disabled and terminally I’ll with liver disease anyone know how SSI CAN TERMINATE YOU

I’m disabled. I have a terminal ill disease of my liver. I’m at SS because they said they are terminated me. Can they just do this

SS does do this. As you know, you have to comply with all sorts of paperwork and reviews, and they have deadlines and notice dates. My suggestion is to do what it looks like you were doing- go to the SS office and find out what happened, why, and what you need to do to get back on. Do you have a re-payee? Send them if you need to. Do you have 211 for assistance or information in your area? Call it. Do it soon, because this is a process. There is no quick answer that I know of.

I am disabled, (have been since 2000.) I am am on SSDI and make too much money to get help with Medicare premiums. I pay over few hundreds a month to cover Medicare and am no longer eligible for Medicaid. I cannot pay my bills and still have money for food. I live in the state of Ohio and did make over 1200$ a month before Jobs and Family service cut all aid to me. I am lost and hopeless. Please, I need help.